Let’s get started!

My name is Vitaly R. Samigullin. I’m a software developer, a team leader, and a person who enjoys thinking about how and why things work the way they work. Having lived in Austria and Spain, I got some interesting immigration experience. I’ve also started a small publishing company in 2008, which is run by my family now.

Over the last few years I’ve written a bunch of texts in social media that some people confessed to find though-provoking and interesting. As social networks tend to disurupt the openness of their services and the internet, making user’s content ephemeral and hardly discoverable, I decided to start a personal blog. It’s somewhat 2000-ish. But still a great tool to categorize and back up texts that I consider worth saving.


Although stand-alone blogs never get even a fraction of attention that social networks get, a blog post is still unbeatable when it comes “slow reading”. It’s an essential component of learning, actually for both readers and an author. So I except the blogging to become a tool to learn new things through explaining them to others.

I don’t really want to limit this blog to technology and software development. I enjoy a variety of topics ranging from arts and architecture to literature and philosophy.

I speak a couple of natural languages. With Russian as my first language, I’m also fluent in English and have B1-level German. As every unilingual person I would consider my mother tongue a one-size-fits-all thing. Still there are some fields (like computer science, kayaking or playing bass guitar) that easier to think about in language you used to learn that field. I wouldn’t even try to translate my texts to all the languages I’d mentioned. Rather I will stick to the language that fits best to each post. So expect here a Babylon-flavoured mélange.

How often will I post new posts? Will you find the blog completely abandoned in a couple of years? I have no idea. But I do know that quality is over quantity.

So let’s get started!