Application configs: files or environment variables? Actually both!

App configuration is highly opinionated topic. It’s technology stack- and infrastructure-dependent. When it comes to configs there are a few parties with a possible conflict of interests. Software developers want an easy access to app’s configuration, versioning, readability, language support for the config format. Security guys want security …

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Kubernetes Persistent Volumes: How to List and Copy Files and Directories

You have created a Kubernetes workload, e.g. Deployment, that uses a PersistentVolume and a PersistentVolumeClaim. It’s provisioned by your cloud platform, say, DigitalOcean. You want to know what space is available to you, you want to browse files and directories on your Volume, and you want to copy …

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Helm Cheat Sheet: Personal Top of the Little Known Commands and Features

Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes. It’s got an outstanding official documentation and tons of tutorials on the internet. Nonetheless Helm has some helpful commands and features that are easily overlooked when reading the documentation. I won’t even try to cover them all, as it’s quite …

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