emacs tramp: ssh + sudo

TIL I can use Emacs Tramp not only to use sudo on localhost with the Emacs running under unprivilidged user:

C-x C-f /sudo:localhost:/path/to/file RET

or that I can ssh with Emacs:

C-x C-f /ssh:pilosus@raspberrypi:/path/to/file RET

but I also can pipeline ssh …

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Unmaintained technical documentation

I think that the problem of unmaintained technical documentation has nothing to do with the “wrong” tools. It’s not about what’s better: Notion, Wiki or a bunch of version-controlled Markdown files. Rather, the problem boils down to the following problems:

1. Wrong ownership of the documentation (who really …

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Recording a screencast on Linux

TIL I can record a screencast using GNOME’s tool, trim it with ffmpeg like this:

cd ~/Screencasts
ffmpeg -i screencast.webm -ss 00:00:03.120 -t 00:00:11.500 output.webm

then resize with ImageMagick:

magick output.webm -resize 50% -layers coalesce output.webp

and simply use …

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My Linux journey so far: status update 2023

I started using Linux at the high school in 2002. 16 years old at that time, I didn’t have any contacts with the other Linux users in the town where I lived. I did have a slow occassional dial-up internet connection, a few books available in the local book …

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Clojure: decision fatigue

As someone who uses Clojure mostly for solo projects I often find myself in a situation when a decision on what libraries to use is hard. Clojure and its community seems to follow “There Is More Than One Way To Do It” path. Possibly often unintentiallally, because the core team …

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